Removal of Viral Warts

Viral warts are caused by HPV virus. They appear in younger people and older who have a weakened immune system, excessive sweating feet and often visit the pools.

Warts may be flat or protruding, recalling in this way growths. Warts can also be similar to fingerprints. Often accompanied by flaking skin. They take the white, yellowish, greenish or gray color. HPV virus spreads very quickly, is infectious, and may be subject to inflammation. It is therefore necessary to remove warts, because the older they are the deeper is its location in the skin which over time can cause painful problems.

Treatment is long lasting, requiring self‐discipline of the patient and his cooperation with the podologist. In order to eradicate the warts, an environment unfavorable to the development of the virus should be created locally, ie. use an appropriate measure which will lead to the rejection of virus‐infected skin cells. The affected place can be lubricated with monochloroacetic acid or undergo cryotherapy – using nitrous oxide.