Onychomycosis is a very common ailment encountered because it can be easily caught, and it affects people of all ages. The disease is caused by the fungi from the group of dermatophytes. Onychomycosis initially appears as white focal points in the shape of spots or transverse strips on the nails. As the disease progresses nails become fragile, breakable and mat. They take color, from yellow to brown or greenish. Disease is also accompanied by nail keratoisis and onycholysis (nail plate does not stick to the nail bed).

Onychomycosis is a phenomenon occurring very frequently. This is due to the ease of infection and factors contributing to the occurrence of onychomycosis such as walking barefoot in public places (swimming pool, shower, sauna, gym) or systemic disease. The risk of fungal infection also increases with the weakening of immunity, for example after illness, long‐term intake of drugs. Unsuitable shoes (too warm, tight shoes) is also conducive to the emergence of fungal infection. The well‐known stereotype says that fungal infection is the ailment meeting people who do not care about hygiene. In fact, even to much acidic soap may lead to athlete’s foot or onychomycosis. Excessive feet sweating, damaging the nail shafts or simple mechanical injuries are also factors conductive to the occurrence of this type of conditio.

In our House of Beauty the treatment of onychomycosis requires cooperation with a dermatologist. In case of suspicion of onychomycosis, the mycological material should be taken to the examination. This will allow the selection of appropriate treatment. In addition to oral or local medication ( prescribed by a dermatologist) the affected fragment of the nail plate should also be mechanically removed. The removed part can be reconstructed with a special gel suitable for that. Thanks to the cooperation of dermatologist, and podolgist and the perseverance and patience in the actions the diseased person, may give the desired results in the fight against onychomycosis.