Oil‐based Massage ”Time Together”

Aromatherapy massage – massage based on the oil ”Time Together” with high moisturizing and relaxing qualities of the Kurland company. Kurland® line of cosmetics is one of the world’s most desirable brands in Wellness & SPA. Formulations are based on natural ingredients, they are free from preservatives and prolonged stability of chemical compounds.

Blend of pure care oils, will make a massage a unique and oil’s flavor will move you to distant countries. Wonderful compositions, perfectly balanced proportions with the addition of fragnant essential oils are the sign of a unique skin care! It’s a mixture of precious base oils: jojoba, almond, sesame, linseed and argan oil.

A fruity‐floral scent are thanks to essential oils and perfume of plumeria, lemon, papaya and apple. The massage has a calming and relaxing effect. It soothes the senses through touch and smell. The treatment is based on a strong back, legs massage, and spot oppression of head.

The result of massage is a deep relaxation, moreover the massage improves blood circulation and flow of energy.