Microneedle Mesotherapy MesoBoost

Microneedle Mesotherapy MesoBoost is an innovative method of delivering active ingredients into the skin. The treatment is performed using a disposable, sterile roll that holds 1 mm needles. By making a mesh of micropunctures, we cause inflammation on the skin to stimulate the skin to work so that regeneration processes take place. After causing small bleeding we apply, depending on the effect we want to achieve the chosen formulation with hyaluronic acid. We have the following options:

MesoBoost 1.5% which has brightening effect, stimulating collagen synthesis, strongly moisturizing.

MesoBoost 1.5% Capillar. A wealth of active substances that reduce the problem of vascular skin:

1.5% triple hyaluronic acid – moisturizing the skin

Chestnut leaf extract – reduces vascular permeability and affects their elasticity

Ginkgo biloba extract – strengthens blood vessel, makes it more elastic and tense. It shows antioxidant action. Reduces bruising under the eyes

Lactobionic acid – belongs to the PHA group. Clinical studies show the effect of lactobionic acid on telangiectasia reduction. Lactobacillus acid also affects the regulation of microcirculation in the vascular system of the skin.

Glucanolaceton – also belongs to the PHA group, strong antioxidant, anti‐inflammatory, accelerates cell regeneration

MesoBoost 3% Product has a strong lifting, moisturizing effect

Peeling with a mixture of salicylic, almond, azelaic and latinic acids is a safe treatment for problematic skin with impaired hydrolipidic balance of the skin. Often with the tendency of occurrence of acne vulgaris, skin imperfections. Salicylic acid has a seboregulatory features, these acids help to fight skin imperfections, help to compensate for any skin imperfections. Salicylic acid is bactericidal and therefore ideally suited for acne treatment; almond oil works whitening and exfoliating while azelaic and lactobacillus restores natural skin balance and works moisturizing and anti‐aging. The blend of these four substances acts renewably. It is recommended to perform a series of treatments depending on the current condition of the skin from 4 to 8 treatments.

Express lighting is a cosmetic procedure, also called banquet one.

You do not have to spend all weeks nursing skin of your face but you can do it just before the important ceremony. Your face will be properly nourished, tense and strongly illuminated. Just one expressive lightening treatment is enough to make the face perfectly prepared for a unique event.