Massage with Herbal Stamps

This technique comes from Thailand, where less than 500 years of use were made of specially prepared, disposable, cotton pouches (stamps), filled with medicinal spices, aromatic herbs and fruits. Massage starts with submerging the pouches in natural oil and then heating them to a suitable temperature to release the essential oils from the herbs. Active substances from the plant penetrate deep into the body, bringing nourishment and brightening of the skin. As with hot stone massage, punching massage, thanks to the principle of thermotherapy, relieves muscle tension, improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates regenerative processes of the body. The cotton canvas structure exfoliates the epidermis and works moisturizing, peeling, firming and purifying. Hot Stamping Massage is the perfect anti‐depressant! The procedure is performed on half of the body or the whole body.