Wedding Make‐Up

The most important and the only one in the life of each of us. It must be carefully thought out and perfectly matched to the personality of the bride, her beauty, her dress and accessories. It combines three make‐ups: day, evening and photographic. Its main task is to give a face freshness through natural‐looking skin correction and to emphasize the look. It is usually mild, and the eye makeup is based only on the color accents in the company of more subdued colors like beige or gray. However, there are brides who prefer a bit stronger makeup of eyes or mouth on this special day.
Wedding makeup is the type of makeup, where there is no space for errors, so we recommend earlier make‐up test. It will allow you to choose the perfect set of colors on the eyelid, and in addition to test all cosmetics in terms of their durability, or if you have allergies. In addition, the future bride will have certainty how she will look like on the wedding day . She will also be able to introduce changes in the color, the shape of the eye paint or type of the primer or the powder.

Daily /Business Make‐Up

Usually very gentle and toned down. Its main task is to highlight the advantages of our beauty and hide imperfections. Eye makeup is based on the natural shades like beige, gold, gray, or medium brown. Its main task is to correct the shape and gentle emphasis of the eye. In the daily makeup, we focus on using cosmetics with natural light formulas (primer, powder) that allow the skin to „breathe”. They should also meet all the needs of our skin and be adapted to its type.

In this group we can also mention a business makeup and makeup for mature women. The first, formerly neglected and not appreciated now becomes another tool to build our professional image and to obtain the desired business results.

Makeup for mature woman is aimed to select and sharpen those parts of the face that lose its clarity with age (eyes, eyebrows and mouth). In addition, its task is to create the illusion of facelift, or to achieve the effect of rejuvenating, refreshing and lighting up the face. The normal cosmetics used in this makeup have matte or satin finish and a light texture. And even though their use is very delicate at the end, the results are visible and woman is looking few years younger.

Evening /Ocasional Make‐Up

Elegant, classic, shiny. It may be different, but it will always attract attention and will make you feel beautiful and glamorous. It is characterized by a much higher intensity as compared to the daily make‐up. Artificial light, candlelight, or twilight require a stronger emphasis on makeup of the eyes, or the lips. This is very important because otherwise the makeup „will die” and will not give the desired effect. Evening make‐up may be diversified with the glitter or the false eyelashes. Classic colorful smoky eyes that highlight eyes color will be the perfect makeup for prom or on New Year’s Eve. Also classic red on the lips will be appropriate at every evening occasion.