Japanese pedicure

Beautiful and well cared feet are certainly not just advantage of every neat women. Everyone should take care of feet, regardless of time of the year.
Japanese Pedicure treatment is designed for people who want to nourish the nail plate and give them a subtle sheen. At the very beginning of the treatment, the cosmetologist views the skin of feet and nails plate, after that aromatic bath tub is done. The next step is drying skin of the feet, working on nails plate and pushing the cuticles with a disposable bamboo stick and removing skin keratosis .After treating feet with milling machine, rubbing of a special silicon‐mineral paste is done. Later the nail plate is polished with a rice powder. At the end the peeling and applying of cream takes place. During the entire treatment, the client can use the relaxing massage function of the PEDICURE SPA seat