Hyaluronic Acid

With age, the skin loses its firmness, because it diminished collagen and elastin fibers. It becomes more dry and thin and the blood circulates weaker. As a result of this, the wrinkles are formed. Thanks to the application of hyaluronic acid the signs of aging can be alleviated, skin firmness improved and its natural brightness restored.

We offer preparations of companies such as Allergan, Galderma, Regenyal; each of these, with different degree of stability. During the consultation the doctor makes the decision which preparation will be most beneficial for the skin.

Face volumetry with hyaluronic acid preparations.

The treatment increases the volume of the subcutaneous tissues (on the cheekbones, cheeks, chin) and provides swift correction of deep concavities. One of the indication is the correction of hollowed cheeks due to loss of subcutaneous. Therapy can restore a fuller, more youthful appearance of the face and improve its contour. Emphasizing the cheekbones will make them more visible. The treatment is ideal for flagging skin, and for the skin with the loss of fat supports.

The treatment does not require special preparation. Do not take aspirin and anti‐inflammatory drugs about three days before surgery. On the day of surgery you should avoid intense heating of the body (sauna, solarium, sunlight) and intense exercise.