Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi Nui

Traditional massage derived from Hawaiian culture and Polynesian islands. This massage has a remarkable history. It was used as a form of passage in ceremonies that marked radical changes in human life such as pregnancy, moving out, travel, marriage, or baptism and could last from a few hours to several days. The ritual served as a psychophysical therapy in which the massaged person ”threw” all his/her troubles and sorrows through crying or screaming. It was based on spiritual cleansing, harmonization of all body processes and internal balance.
Therapist during Lomi Lomi massage not only uses hands, but also forearms and elbows, while keeping in touch with the massaged person. The treatment has a healing effect, improves blood and lymph circulation, relaxes the muscles, tendons, stabilizes the nervous system and promotes metabolism. Massage improves mood, gives lightness and stimulates action.
The massage is accompanied by specially selected music, which enhances the sense of comfort, the effectiveness of the process but also introduces a nice, harmonious atmosphere. For the massage we use natural oil blends, and in the treatment room there is a pleasant aroma of essential oils, which are specially selected for the needs of the customer (aromatherapy).