Cover yourself with gold / Gold spa



Eternal Gold Therapy is designed for intensive care of mature skin. Natural ”youth elixir”, which is made of a combination of unique active ingredients and noble base substances, guarantees a complex anti‐wrinkle, moisturizing, smoothing and regenerating effect.

Xeradin, an extract from the cultivated in monitored condition sage, provides the skin comfort and hydration at the right level. By combining active ingredients with colloidal gold, the therapy naturally inhibits the aging process, reduces skin discoloration and imperfections.

The treatment includes 24‐carat gold in micronized form, which gives the skin the effect of brightness and glow.

The nursing ritual begins with perfumed scent peeling made of sugar crystals sunk in soybean oil. After peeling the goat's milk mask and extract of Chinese plum‐ lychee is rubbed with gentle movements . Then a relaxing massage is performed with a nutritious, valuable fatty acid supplement with bergamot oil. As a result, the skin becomes smooth, soft and illuminated by gold particles.