Correction of Ingrown Nail

Ingrown nail occurs when the edge of the nail grows into the soft tissue around the nail shaft and in case of hypertrophy of the side of the nail shaft, leading to improper contact with the plate.
Symptoms are mainly swelling, redness, soreness around the nail shaft. Initially, the pain arises only when touching; in the later period pain occurs continuously. As ingrowth, inflammatory lesions get worse, which may be the cause of granulation tissue. Further untreated, can lead to changes in bacterial and fungal infections, whitlow and even osteonecrosis of hallux.

 Causes of ingrown nails are:

  • abnormal shape of the nail plate, which, very often, is the result of improper shortening of the nail plate,
  • naildistortiondue tovarious kindsof injuries
  • change in the shape of the nail plate arising in the course of fungal infection
  • improperly fitted shoes,
  • intensive practice of some sports,
  • sudden increase in body weight,
  • geneticoccurrence ofingrownnails.

In our House of Beauty we use non‐invasive methods to combat ingrown nail through the attachment of the brace.

Braces can be used for adults, diabetics, allergy sufferers and children. NAILS CORRECTION WITH 3TO BRACE

BRACE 3TO is applicable:

  • in case of ingrown nail (including inflamed nail)
  • in case of tightly curled nail
  • for people with tendency of ingrowing nail for prevention

Benefits of 3TO barces:

  • gentle treatment
  • relief for the patient
  • lack of oppression when walking
  • long‐term effects
  • the ideal possibility to adjust the brace
  • Braces 3TOmay only be doneby a qualified personafter completingthe training.

Braces Podofix:

Podofix is especially effective when there is an allergy to the metal assumed under the edge of the nail or if the assumption of hook of another brace under the toenail is not possible.

For susceptible patients;

  • Aftersurgicaloperationsof the nails,
  • Also inthe case of smallnails;