Classic Massage

Classic massage – deep stimulating – full or partial.

Strong massage of  deep and surface tissue using techniques such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, rolling, compressions, patting, vibration.

It is the most commonly practiced massage in Europe. In addition to relaxing effects, the healing properties are also associated with it. It is recommended for people who are overtired, with posture defects, overloaded, athletes, and also it is used for prevention.

This massage uses conventional techniques that affect the entire body. It accelerates blood circulation and lymph circulation, reduces muscle tension, restores skin elasticity and improves mood.

Classic massage

One of the most popular massages in Europe is classic massage. In Podgórski house of Beauty we offer a classic or partial massage, deeply stimulating muscle tissue. Our offer is directed especially to those customers who suffer from muscle tension and are looking for an effective way to relax after a hard week at work.

What is classical massage?

Classical massage uses techniques such as trimming, stroking, rolling, kneading, gliding, and vibration. Performed on surface and deep tissues, it supports muscle stimulation. The special advantage of this type of massage is relaxation and therapeutic properties. Classic massage helps fight back pain, muscles, headache, helps to relax the contractures, and even works as a
way to fight headaches, circulatory failure or rheumatic diseases. Undoubtedly, it is also one of the popular and effective methods of treating depression, neurosis or anxiety. Classic massage is especially recommended for those who are overweight, overloaded, with posture defects, and also for athletes. It also works as a preventive method against many ailments.

Classical massage offered in Podgorski House of Beauty uses conventional techniques affecting the body. This method speeds up the circulation of blood and lymph, which directly affects the removal of toxins from the body. Classical massage not only reduces muscle tension, but it also restores the skin’s firmness and improves mood. Combined with aromatherapy or music therapy, classical massage can turn into a moment of blissful rest.

At Podgórski House of Beauty we not only take care of the health of our clients, but also about their calmness and the possibility to relax in the most favorable conditions. We invite you to take advantage of our classical massage services in Cracow. We are waiting for you!