Chocolate ritual

Browning‐firming chocolate therapy for sensual scent. With the use of cocoa, shea butter and nourishing oils, it stimulates the production of endorphins, reduces cellulite, elasticises and smoothes the skin.
We start with cleansing skin with Sarow Noir – a natural black olive oil and olive oil soap. Then, using a chocolate sugar scrub, the massage is performed. After that the skin will be smoothed and prepared for further care. At the end of the treatment, a creamy body mask with comprehensive skin care treatment will smooth and moisturize your skin, giving it a
beautiful and healthy color.

Mini Chocolate SPA in Podgórski House of Beauty

Cover yourself with the sensual scent of chocolate during body scrub, which smoothes, cleanses and rejuvenates your skin. In addition, a relaxing massage with a smooth, gentle knead movement will relax your body and relieve muscle tension.