Cavitation peeling

Cavitation peeling is a modern method used for painless and deep skin cleansing, an alternative to the traditional manual method of cleansing the face. Removal of dirt and dead skin cells occurs in a safe and devoid of side effects way.
This procedure is performed using device which generates ultrasound, that after directing to wet skin has the effect of cavitation. Water sprayed on the skin creates microscopic bubbles filled with thin gas that under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations violently burst.
As a result the breakdown of dead cells occurs and the younger skin layer free of excess sebum, bacteria or toxic substances is exposed. Cavitation peeling is characterized by a painless and safe course, which is undoubtedly the advantage.

The main effect of cavitation peeling is:

  • Obtaining refreshed and purified skin.
  • In addition to the effect of freshness, the improvement of blood circulation happens, thanks to the oxygenate, moisturizing and rejuvenating micro‐massage.
  • As a result of improved circulation the skin cells are forced to regenerate.
  • All sorts of impurities are deleted (blackheads or pimples) what gives the effect of sterilization.
  • Additional advantages are smoothing wrinkles and gentle facial massage.

Ultrasound peeling also prepares the skin for other cosmetic procedures by allowing more efficient absorption of cosmetic preparations.This treatment is designed primarily for very sensitive, delicate and thin skin, prone to irritation and having dilated capillaries
It is also used as a non‐invasive skin cleansing treatment for acne skin. It can be performed on the face, hands and back. Not recommended the treatment for places where there is light bleeding and psoriasis.