Carboxytherapy is also called ”miraculous gas” therapy. Its use is a breakthrough in the field of cosmetology. The beneficial effect of carbon dioxide allows for multiple uses of this gas. Undoubtedly, even with these great opportunities, carboxytherapy is a safe procedure that does not require long‐term convalescence. The treatment involves precise injection of carbon dioxide.

Carbon dioxide is very widely used in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. First of all it works in:


  • Reduction of cellulite,
  • Reduction of body fat,
  • Reduction of stretch marks,
  • Elimination of skin flabbiness due to eg aging or childbirth,
  • Lack of elasticity of the skin of the arms, legs, abdomen,
  • Improvement of the tension and firmness of the face and neckline.

What is the effect of carbon dioxide?


  • CO2 after subcutaneous administration breaks down fatty deposits mechanically.
  • CO2 stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which are responsible for skin firmness and they increase lymphatic drainage.
  • Carboxytherapy restores and stimulates microcirculation. This means more oxygen and nutrients for the skin.
  • It strongly expands the blood vessels. This increases the blood flow to the area that stimulates fat metabolism.
  • For 7 days after the carboxytherapy treatment, there is an increased oxygen circulation at the application site. Microcirculation is restored and stimulated, lymphatic drainage is increased.

Carboxytherapy is compatible with everyday processes in the human body. After application, the gas is transported to the lungs, then expelled from the body naturally, just like the gas exchange product.

The activity of CO2 after subcutaneous or intradermal administration results in a series of reactions that are interlinked, forming a network of relationships that are key to the proper functioning of the body. The device we work with is very precise and secure