Caffeine warming therapy

Therapy based on two main active ingredients extracted from coffee. The first one is caffeine with strong anti‐cellulite slimming and firming effect. The second active ingredient is chlorogenic acid, which neutralizes free radicals, protects the skin from damage caused by undesirable external factors such as UV rays, stress and impurities.

It is especially recommended for people looking for intensive skin firming, especially when fighting cellulite or losing weight.

The slimming treatment is enriched with guarana extract, which strengthens the slimming effect as well as with shea butter, soybean oil and vitamin E.

Regular use of therapy causes the skin to become visibly tight.

We start with cleansing skin with Sarow Noir – a natural black olive oil and olive oil soap.Then we use a sugar scrub, which combines sugar crystals along with ground coffee grains that intensively cleanses the skin.After that we apply serum, which contains natural extracts which strongly energize the cells and accelerate the processes of their renewal.At the end of the treatment a coffee mask with high caffeine content and Dunaliella Salina algae is applied.

Contraindications: varicose veins, hypertension, enlarged blood vessels, pregnancy and lactation, skin lesions, inflammation, fever, hypersensitivity or allergy to caffeine, tumors, infectious diseases, surface sensory disorders.