Basic Podolgic Treatment

Basic podologic treatment should be carried out regularly every 4–8 weeks. It is the most effective preventive treatment, that allows you to keep your feet in good health and prevents the appearance of pathological changes within them.

Prevention of basic podologic treatment consists of checking the current state of feet before each treatment (skin, nails, deformation). Professional diagnostics can identify any changes in their initial phase, and introduce short, usually painless therapy or give a referral to an appropriate specialist doctor (dermatologist, diabetologist, surgeon, orthopedist, phlebology, etc.). An important element of such a visit is a detailed explanation what is the causes of changes observed, discussion about proposed therapy and proposition of measures to eliminate the possibility of their formation (proper cosmetics, shoe inserts, etc.).

Feet care includes cutting and filing nails, removing the standard, physiological callosities and rubbing in appropriately selected preparation.