Aqualyx Intralipotherapy

Aqualyx is a registered preparation for injection treatments of liposuction. Injected into the adiopse tissue causes destruction of fat cells. Degradation products are further metabolized and eliminated from the body. The best results are achieved in patients with normal weight or slightly overweight, with local accumulations of fat that cannot be reduced despite exercise and diet.

Aqualyx is a solution without phosphatidylcholine, in which the principal substances are detergents acting on the fat cell (such as sodium deoxycholate). The detergent dissolves fat and destroys the cell membrane. Aqualyx injected into the fatty tissue causes destruction of fat cells are transported to the liver and excreted from the body through the kidneys.

In contrast to the commonly used solutions of phosphatidylcholine; Aqualyx formulation is: – pain‐free and more efficient – non‐invasive (1 to 2 punctures) – higher – lower number of applications required to obtain results.

Indications Aqualyx can be used in such places as:

  • upper limbs – in the area of triceps
  • folds on the back (below the ribs)
  • belly
  • hips
  • breeches”
  • surroundings of buttocks
  • inner side of thighs
  • inner side of the kne
  • double chin/jawcontourmodelin
  • gynecomastia
  • lipomas
  • buffaloneck (afterantiretroviral therapy)

The best results are achievable in patients with an appropriate weight or slightly overweight, with local fat accumulation; especially among women in places such as hips, breeches, inner side of the knee, which cannot be reduced despite exercise and diet.

NOTE! Aqualyx permanently removes fat! It is not a preparation to lose weight! It is the world’s only medical material registered with CE mark; to reduce locally accumulated fat by means of injection technique – INTRALIPOTHERAPY

Additionally, the patients’ security is guaranteed by the fact that the treatment can only be carried out by a doctors who has received specialized training and it is a principle of Fenice; Polish distributor in Warsaw.

Possible Complications?

NO! Proper application by a doctor who has a certificate of training on the preparation eliminates unwanted potential complications. Treatment price depends on the amount specified preparation and is determined during consultations.